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Working Trail Ride Clinics

DEFINITION & DURATION - This is a 2-3 day Clinic which takes place out on the trail where those who enjoy this activity are often faced with problems that can't be duplicated in an arena. Due to the nature of Working Trail Ride Clinics, this will not be an audited event.

CURRICULUM - Working Trail Ride Clinics include the same basics, cues for going forward, backing up, emergency stops, calm down, and giving to the bit, as does the regular Rider's Clinic. It also addresses such things as "jigging" on the trail, crossing streams and bridges, and problems that arise while riding with other horses. Participants with other problems will also have those problems addressed. The added pleasure of this Clinic is to enjoy the beauty of the out-of-doors. The fee will also include a Saturday evening bar-b-que. The first half day of this Clinic will take place in an arena to allow horses and riders to get to know each other and for Lynn to evaluate each horse and rider to make sure everyone knows some basic cues in order to stay safe out on the trail.

PARTICIPATION - Pre-Registration is required. Contact Lynn's office to register. This Clinic is designed for those who wish to improve their enjoyment and safety while trail riding. Horses must have had at least some trail experience prior to the Clinic. Please do not bring a horse that has never been outside an arena or show ring. If you or your horse have had no trail riding experience, contact Lynn for information about what you can do to prepare to participate in a Working Trail Ride Clinic:

FEES - The cost for the 2-3 day clinic is $400.00 which includes lunch Saturday - Monday and dinner Saturday and Sunday. It also includes a bedded stall and turn out for your horse. Hay will be available for $2.50 per bale, and you must bring your horse's own grain.

New! The new 5 day Working Trail Ride Clinic also includes a Centered Riding Lesson as part of the clinic.  This clinic is $700.00 which includes Lunch Monday - Friday and Dinner Monday - Thursday. Bedded stall and turnout included. Bring your horse's grain.  Hay will be available for sale at $2.50/bale.

SCHEDULE - Please check Lynn's Schedule to see when and where Working Trail Ride Clinics will be held. If you have a facility that has some nice trails nearby, and you would like to have a Clinic scheduled there, please contact Lynn's office for more information:


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