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More about Lynn

LYNN'S BACKGROUND Lynn applied and was accepted into the John Lyons Trainer Certification Program in 1998. As a 17 year old, she was the youngest person John had ever accepted into the program. The Certification Program involved making 4 five day trips, with 2 horses, from Maine to Parachute, CO over a period of 9 months. Each session was 3 weeks of long days filled with intensive work learning John's training method. The time between sessions (6-8 weeks) was spent working at home with her two horses, making sure that she taught them absolutely everything they had worked on during the three weeks in Colorado. When students got back to Colorado, if their horses weren't up to date, it made it almost impossible to go on to the next step of training. The Certification course was both physically and mentally taxing. It didn't make any difference what the weather was, classes proceeded as usual. There was no time in the schedule for "canceling due to weather." So, if Lynn is scheduled to work with your horse and it happens to be raining or snowing, don't be surprised if Lynn just keeps right on working. Like the horses she trains, she is reacting to a "conditioned response."

LYNN'S PHILOSOPHY Lynn's philosophy is very simple and very straight forward. These are the things she believes:

1. Every horse deserves to be educated so that it understands what it is that its human companion expects it to do.

2. Every owner needs to be educated so he/she can teach &/or maintain those things which the horse needs to understand.

3. The best way to achieve the education of both the horse and the owner is through the use of the training techniques of the John Lyons Method.

4. That by using the John Lyons Method, both horse and owner are "Training for a Partnership." The end result is "Better Performance Through Education."

LYNN'S GUARANTEE Like Lynn's philosophy, her guarantee is very straight forward.100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all training. If you are not satisfied at the end of the training, you do not pay for the training.


More About Hodi

HODI'S BACKGROUND Hodari Keels started working with horses when he was 15 working as a Junior Ranger with the Boston Park Rangers. At the age of 18, Hodi became the youngest ranger to graduate the BPR Training Academy and completed Mounted Unit Training later that year. Currently, Hodi is the Mounted Unit Sgt. for the department where he is one of the horse trainers and a riding instructor preparing both Ranger and mount for patrol in Boston's busy parks. He has completed the Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue course sponsored by the Animal Rescue League of Boston. Hodi also attended Wheelock College, a school for elementary education, where he was able to find tune his teaching methods. In 2001, Hodi started working with Lynn learning the John Lyons method. His latest achievement was becoming a Centered Riding® Instructor in 2003. All of these are combined to help clients create a working partnership between them and their horse. 


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