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What Our Clients Have to Say...


"Lynn and Hodi are simply the best! They are dedicated, passionate, natural horsemanship training professionals. Thanks to their tireless demonstration and skillful instruction in John Lyons techniques and centered riding principles my horse Tigre and I have accomplished great things in a year. Last May, my very green horse started his round pen training racing around the pen like the Every Ready bunny. This past May we placed 1st in our first judged trail ride. In the past 14 months together we have safely and happily ridden over 160 miles in organized trail rides. Our success is a direct reflection on Lynn and Hodi's ability to teach us how to work together as "partners" as well as the incredible support we have received from our fellow apprentices and work trail ride friends."  Apprentices and Working Trail Ride Partners, Roberta Shaw and Hidden Hollow El Tigre. 


"I first met Lynn when she was giving a Starting Under Saddle clinic for PMU owners.  The methods she shared and her willingness to work with me and my pushy, young horse in the poring rain was impressive.  I signed up for her Training Apprenticeship, and it was the smartest thing I could have done. Furthermore, it was a blast.   She and Hodi gave me the tools to train my own horse, which has been a priceless experience.  My husband and I recently attended the Working Trail Ride clinic, which was so helpful to both of us.  I shudder to think where my three-year-old gelding and I would be if we hadn't found Partnership Horse Training.  Thank you Lynn and Hodi!" Louisa & Remington, Goffstown, New Hampshire. 


"Since attending the first clinic over a year ago my Mom and myself have been attending many of Lynn’s events with and without our horses. I think the biggest learning experience for both my Mom and myself was a week long Apprenticeship with Lynn and her fiancé, Hodi Keels. We learned the basic principles of the John Lyons’ Method and applied it to our horses. Both Lynn and Hodi are very talented teachers and trainers. Thanks to Lynn and Hodi, our horses are above and beyond any training level I had ever hoped to achieve with them. I am applying the method not only to my riding also to my driving horses and seeing great success in both disciplines. Thank you Lynn and Hodi for all of your patience and dedication to truly making our horses and joy and pleasure to be with". Elizabeth Merrill, Pen-Beth Farm, Harrison, Maine.


"I highly recommend Lynn Corrigan to help with any horse and any horse owner. She will make them work together as a team. She had my paint mare backing up in 5 minutes. I have recommended her to numerous horse people. She is extremely patient, knowledgeable and thorough. Lynn works with you on your level on what you are trying to do. Safety is first. I cannot say enough good about her." Amy Bryant-West & Family


"What can I say about Lynn Corrigan and Hodari Keels of Partnership Horse Training?  A lot! (So much that we could not fit all her kind words on this page!) I adopted a 2-year-old mustang stud 3 years ago from the Bureau of Land Management. Today that same wild and fearful horse is the sweetest horse that  lets me do anything with him.  Without Lynn and Hodi he would still be sweet,  but I wouldn't be doing much with him.  Then there is my city-slicker husband whose only riding experience was 50 years ago at a country fair.  Thanks to Lynn and Hodi he now actually has his own horse that he mucks, grooms, trains, and rides.  Awesome! is an understatement.  Watching them train me and my horse made him that comfortable. Lynn and Hodi have an uncanny ability to see the issues each person and horse needs to address. They treat each and every person and equine with attention and respect. Nothing goes unnoticed or un-addressed with these two.  And I don't mean in just the training or riding techniques.  They notice things about your horse that you, the owner, don't notice!  They pick up on subtle horse behavior that indicates stress, confusion, anger, aggression, illness, etc.  They pick up on physical aspects of your horse that make it difficult for your horse to do what you are asking it to do.  They even pick up on relationships between horses that require correction or separation. And let's not forget the Centered Riding instruction.  Hodi has infinite patience.  He is a masterful teacher who instructs in a way that is easily understood.  He is so engaging in his instruction that you find yourself captivated by what he is saying.  As a result, it becomes almost effortless to do what he is explaining.  He makes it so easy! and fun!  If I could name him, I'd call him the Zen of Centered Riding. You and your horse are definitely of the utmost importance to them at all times.  It is never more apparent than their focus on safety - safety for you and safety for your horse.  Safety is always first in everything that they teach and in all their methods of training. Another added value to this team is the personable and warm interaction they have with their clientele.  It spills over into those who attend apprenticeships and working trail rides. But, of course, the whole point of attending clinics, apprenticeships, and working trail rides is to learn to train your horse and to develop that much sought after relationship with your horse.  Needless to say, that IS what they do best.  But it is the priceless extras they bring to their training that makes this team rise to the top of the list. Thank you Lynn and Hodi.  You have forever enhanced my life by giving me confidence, tools, encouragement and support to pursue my love for horses." Jane Ingersoll-Mahoney and Comanche, of Spenser Massachusetts.


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