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Private Training Options


AVAILABILITY - This training is available for a minimum of 30 days at Lynn's Fletcher Mountain Stable in Bingham, ME. Each horse is provided with a box stall at night and during inclement weather. The remainder of the time, each horse has its own 50' x 60' paddock which is fenced 5 1/2' high with 3 rows of 2" x 8" plank. Horses in for training are never turned out with other horses.

CURRICULUM - While your horse is with Lynn, it will be worked 5-6 days per week. The training curriculum will be decided by Lynn and the owner together and will be written into the contract. The owner/rider is encouraged to spend as much time with Lynn as possible in order to see and learn how their horse is being trained. It is understood that due to the distance an owner might have to travel to visit, frequent visits may not be possible. If this is the case, Lynn expects that the owner plan on spending at least 1/2 day with her and the horse when the horse is picked up to return home.

ADVANTAGES & DISADVANTAGES - The major advantage of this type of training is that the horse is worked very consistently. When this consistency is possible, the training will generally progress much faster that when training is done at more infrequent intervals such as an hour or two per week. Overall, this is generally the most cost affective method of training if the horse needs more than a couple of small problems addressed. The major disadvantage of this type of training is that your horse is away from home. For various reasons, some people are not comfortable with their horse being any place but with them. It may also be that some owners find it easier financially to budget smaller amounts of money over a longer period of time in order to have their horse trained. In this case, hourly training may be more appealing.


AVAILABILITY - This training is available at Lynn's Fletcher Mountain Stable as well as at your home or boarding barn. Arrangements can also be made for owners to trailer their horse into one of several facilities where Lynn trains in Maine or Massachusetts. Horses brought into one of these facilities will be charged a use fee by the facility (except for Fletcher Mountain Stable) in addition to Lynn's training fee.

CURRICULUM - This method allows for specific training goals to be met with a lot of involvement from the owner. Lynn will spend time teaching both horse and owner specific lessons. The owner then works with the horse until he/she feels ready to go on to the next step, at which time Lynn returns for another lesson. Lessons may be scheduled for one or more hours.

ADVANTAGES & DISADVANTAGES - With this type of training, the owner is able to keep the horse at home and is able to work with the horse anytime they have a few minutes of time. It also allows for individual control of training expenses over what ever period of time the owner desires. This is also an ideal way to solve just a few problems that you may be having with your horse. Every horse and owner do not require a month or more of training to reach their training goals. The biggest disadvantage to this type of training is that if the horse and owner need a lot of training, such as a horse who is just being started, or a horse who has major behavioral problems, the amount of time needed to reach the goal is usually longer than if the horse were sent to Lynn for a month or more of training. Frequently it ends up costing more to reach the same end result.




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