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Problem Solving Clinics

DEFINITION & DURATION - This Clinic is generally a weekend (or 2 day) Clinic, however Lynn is flexible, and will work with the sponsoring barn or organization to plan what they desire. The Clinic addresses problems of individual horses.

CURRICULUM - The Clinic begins with Lynn doing a demonstration of the John Lyons Method and what it can accomplish. The demo is followed by Lynn working with several horses on an individual basis to address specific problems as requested by the owner. Time is also spent with the owner, rider, or handler so that both the horse and the person working with the horse have a learning experience. Depending on the problems scheduled, there are usually 5-6 different horses worked during the Clinic. Observers are welcome for a daily fee, and both participants and observers are encouraged to ask questions.

PARTICIPATION - Any problem with horses of any age, sex, breed, or discipline will be accepted for this Clinic. Problems may be either on the ground or under saddle. Horses must be pre-registered. To register you and your horse, email:, or phone Lynn's office. The fee includes a 2-3 hour session with Lynn working with the horse and owner. The owner is also entitled to observe all other training sessions during the weekend.

SCHEDULE - See Lynn's SCHEDULE page to find when and where Problem Solving Clinics are being held. If you would like information about scheduling a Clinic for your barn or organization, please contact Lynn's Office by email:, phone or letter.

FUND RAISING - This Clinic may be held as a fund raiser for your barn or organization. For more information, contact Lynn's Office by email:, phone or letter.

Rider's Clinics

DEFINITION & DURATION - This program offers a hands on approach for riders of all levels. Participation is limited to 10 horse & rider teams. The setting will be in an arena. Clinics run from 2-5 days.

CURRICULUM - Even though this is a group situation, Lynn will work both with the group as a whole and one on one with each participant. The program includes horses and riders learning cues for going forward, backing up, emergency stops, calming down, and giving to the bit. These are the "foundation cues" from which all other under saddle work evolves. Individual problems which arise during the Clinic will also be addressed. Auditors are welcome for a daily fee.

PARTICIPATION - Pre-Registration is required. Please contact Lynn's office to register:

SCHEDULE - See Lynn's SCHEDULE page to find when and where Rider's Clinics will take place. If you, your barn, or your organization would like to host a Clinic, please contact Lynn's office:

FUND RAISING - This Clinic, when combined with either a Symposium or Problem Solving Clinic, may be used as a Fund Raiser for your barn or organization. Please contact Lynn's office for more information:

Centered Riding® Lessons

The concepts of Centered Riding® were developed by Sally Swift, author of Centered Riding and Centered Riding 2.  Centered Riding® is a perfect tool to build the partnership between horse and rider.  Like the John Lyons Method, Centered Riding® breaks down what are thought to be hard concepts and tasks into smaller steps that are much easier to understand and do. As riding students, we are often told to do things but never told why or how. Centered Riding® focuses on the why and how of riding. 

Lessons are available on an hourly basis.  Both those new to horseback riding and those with experience are welcome. While the Centered Riding® Theory is used in all of Partnership Horse Training's work, Centered Riding® Lessons are not included in the monthly training fee.  If you desire, lessons with Hodi can be planned so that they may be incorporated with the work that you do with Lynn during your horse's training. 


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